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🎰 Slot Machine Repair & Restoration Service


Slot Machine Repair Manuals. Owner's Pictorial Guide For The Care And Understanding Of The Bally Electro-Mechanical Slot Machine: Although dealing with all models from M/742 through M/1206 manufactured from 1963 to 1981, this book specifically covers the four basic types of Bally machines: single coin, five coin multiplier, three-line and five-line criss-cross.
Mills Slot Machine Restoration on a Thumb Drive . A collector videotapes the complete restoration of a Mills Castle Front slot machine. It is an incredible amount of work, but the end result was an 8 hour video which documented the entire process.
Slot machine Repair Web Site I have setup a web site and am adding free downloads for slot machine manuals and tutorials as I get time to upload them. Anyone needing to fix or repair a slot machine should check it out.

Slot Machine Won't Accept Coins - Fall Into Coin Tray

Coin Operated Arcade Games, Amusements & Vending Machines | Service and Parts Providers: Below is a listing of independent coin operated machine service and part vendors that provide their services to the general public. You can also contact your specific product maker
Your casino's slot machines will stay in good condition when we provide slot machine services. Contact our company for maintenance and repair work.
We have a large collection of manuals for slot machines for sale. If you're looking for a slot machine manual we probably have it. Buy Sell Trade & Repair Slot Machines and Casino Gaming Equipment and Tables
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Slot Machine Repair Manuals Slot machine repair books


Also listed below are manuals and books that are on Amazon. The manuals are free but since I have to use free file sharing platforms these sites always have their quirks, hopefully this one stay up. I will upload more as I have the time so check back. Slot machine repair manuals. Players Edge S-Plus manual. DBV 200 Manual. IGT Fortune I manual.
Ebook Download: Igt Slot Machine Repair Ut55504 Pdf Enligne 2019Igt Slot Machine Repair Ut55504 Pdf Enligne 2019 that must be chewed and digested means books that need extra effort, more analysis to read. For instance, a los angeles accountant reads books about the field of thought.
22 reviews of Squires & Corrie Slot Machines "Steve did a great job rebuilding my 1948 Mills machine. The machine now has just the right rolls and clicks and is working beautifully. Squires and Corrie has the parts inventory and Steve has the…

starburst-pokieSlot Machine Repair & Restoration Service Slot machine repair books

Slot Machine Repair & Restoration Service Slot machine repair books

Our strategic central U.S. location facilitates the acquisition of slot machines and provides for easy shipment to any part of the United States and overseas. Our staff of well-trained technicians prepare for resale virtually any manufacturer's machine. Our specialty is the Mills Classic machine which is remanufactured in our Denver location.
Attention Mills Slot Machine Owners! You can now service, repair, and overhaul your own Mills bell slot machine with the Owner’s Pictorial Guide for the Care and Understanding of the Mills Bell Slot Machine The only complete service and repair manual ever published for the Mills bell slot machine ★ 156 Highly Informative Pages ★ 387.
256 pages, large 9x12 format, 630 photographs (530 in full color), index, hard cover, mathematics, mechanisms, index and bibliography. Authored by the grandson of the inventor of the 3-reel slot machine. SLOT MACHINES is only $ 35 add $8.00 P&H. Accompanying Price Guide is $3.00, includes P&H.

Slot machine repair bookscasinobonus

slot machine repair books I was looking through craigslist this week when I came across an old Sigma PT-2B game for sale.
The ad basically said the machine was shot this web page they wanted 75.
Well being close by I went to check it out and sure enough it looked like the game had a bad monitor.
I knew I could if nothing else, part the game out on EBay and get at least a couple of hundred extra bucks.
So I loaded the game up and took it to my small work shop.
Using these I began to tear them apart and pull all the electrolytic capacitors out and pile them.
After I took apart the Sigma monitor which is a TOIE TC-V614H I began to replace all the capacitors.
But I did not have all the equipment I would have in a casino slot shop such as a Cap Wizard, Huntron Tracker or even an oscilloscope so I simply decided to swap out all the capacitors.
After many hours of looking for all the capacitors from my discarded monitors I finished up and slide the monitor back into the machine.
To my surprise it came right up.
The horizontal adjustment was a little out but nothing major.
I then noticed it had a coin out error on the screen so I pressed the door switch to clear the tilt but it came right back.
Hoping it was a simple hoper jam I pulled the hopper and everything turned freely.
Now I became a bit worried, thinking I had a bad hopper motor or worse a bad hopper control board and possibly a bad MPU.
So I jerry rigged a suicide cable to test the hopper motor.
Since click here hopper motor slot machine repair books off of 120 volts the motor should turn if good and sure enough it did.
The hopper turned and spit out what little coins where in the hopper.
The hopper being good I began looking at the hopper control board and all its connections.
I followed the wiring to the MPU and everything looked good.
At see more point I was sure I had a bad hopper control board or possibly a bad MPU.
Out of desperation I began to look at the manual for dip switch or software setting that could cause this since machines that are not gaming machine anymore are often setup differently from a casino depending on the jurisdiction.
The MPU is on the left wall while the hopper control board on the right.
The power supply is in the middle.
After finding nothing in the settings that could cause this I sat down with a meter and the wiring schematics and began following the voltage.
Then Slot machine repair books found it, someone had moved the wiring around for whatever reason and the 120 volt that went into the hopper control board was off by one pin.
After putting the pin it correct location I slide the hopper in and it worked perfectly.
Especially since finding a hopper control board for a PT-2B Sigma game from 1996 might have been a problem.
Another strange thing is the person had the bill valadator turned off, when i turned it on the DBV 145 worked like a charm.
This is the hopper control board where the white wire was down one spot in the wrong place.
The white and black wire supply the 120 volts.
A friend of mine who had stopped by offered me 300.
Which I would be happy to do if my girlfriend would stop playing with it.
A slot machine tournament as most people know is a bunch of slot machines setup with a timer on a machine and people trying to earn as many credits as possible within that time.
But how do these games get setup for tournament mode, is there a magical switch inside the machine that turns it into a tournament game.
Or do slot machine repair books powers that be upstairs turn a switch and the games automatically turn into tournament games.
This requires a slot learn more here to move the machines to the location, and then setup the game much like a game change on a slot machine would normally be done.
This sounds easy but often can be a headache depending on how a casino handles tournament games.
The casinos that do the tournaments always have a www free book centre com setup plan.
For example one casino might convert games on go here floor into tournament games and move them around.
Another might have machines in storage that they pull out during tournament time.
And others have a mix of plans such as converting some recently pulled machine from the floor to tournament mode or just converting machines on the fly.
The last casino I worked in that did tournaments had games on the floor that would be converted to tournament games when needed.
The S-Plus games need a clear chip to be used first since all the old data would often confuse the game causing a data error.
Once this was done the timer would be set and the games would hopefully be ready to go.
For someone at home slot machine repair books a slot machine that wants to setup their game like this it is completely possible but would require the correct EPROMs.
Trying to acquire the correct EPROMs would be the main hurdle.
The clear chip and set-chip EPROMs will most likely be the easiest to find.
While the tournament chips will most likely be the hardest to find.
I have setup a web site and am adding free downloads slot machine repair books slot machine manuals and tutorials as I get time to upload them.
Anyone needing to fix or repair a slot machine should check it out.
A common problem people new to slot machines seem to have is DOOR-OPEN tilts.
Be sure that the machine shows closure.
If you are working on a PE+ and the door is shut there should not be a DOOR-OPEN on the screen.
When the door is shut on the S-Plus the LED display should go blank and the reels will usually spin.
Opening and shutting the door clears most tilts on a slot machine.
If for some reason a switch or optic is not showing closure then the tilt just click for source not clear.
The MPU is the brains of a modern slot machine.
The MPU controls all the data, and tells all the other components what to do.
If a component malfunctions then the MPU will report this to the display.
The MPU can be thought of as a boss giving orders to his workers.
If the workers are not doing their job then he will report them to you.
The way the MPU reports bad components is by going into what is called a TILT.
When it does this, the game will not be playable and will show the tilts error code on the display.
The MPU needs a way to talk with the other components.
It does this through slot machine repair books component called the MOTHERBOARD.
A motherboard is the place all the components can plug into and then sent to the MPU.
There are many small traces running across the motherboard.
All of which go to a plug that the MPU plugs into.
Most often the MPU sits on a metal tray and slot machine repair books in and out to connect to the motherboard.
It is mainly an interface between the MPU and the other components.
When I talk of other components these are things like the buttons, hopper, bill validator and so on.
All these components can be broken down into two categories INPUT and OUTPUT.
Input components are things like buttons, handle, bill validator and so on.
Output components are components like the hopper and display.
There are many more input and output components of a slot machine.
The main thing to remember is all the components of a slot machine are ether input or output devices.
The MPU waits for an input so that it can take action and give an output.
For example when you put a bill into the bill validator this is an input.
Once the bill is accepted the bill validator sends a signal to the MPU.
The MPU receives this signal and then sends an output to the display of how many credits to show.
This book shows step by step how to repair Slot Machines, focusing mainly on the S-Plus and PE-Plus games.
From the electronically inexperienced to the old Pro this book has something for everyone.
All the tilt codes are listed along with detailed answers on how to fix them.
The owner of this website,slotrepair. slot machine repair books slot machine repair books slot machine repair books slot machine repair books slot machine repair books slot machine repair books

Bally slot machine reel mechanism.

Antique Slot Machines ~ Darwin's Old Time Slots ~ Antique slot machines for sale Slot machine repair books

Slot Machines Slot machine repair books

How to fix and Repair Slot Machines, explains slot machine repair without all the technical schematics and technical talk found within an IGT manual. From the electronically inexperienced to the old pro this book has something for everyone. All the tilt codes are listed along with detailed answers on how to fix them.
In the 1930s, Bally also began manufacturing slot machines and still does today. Because of similarities in design, the process of repairing old mechanical slots is similar among all brands. Most repair problems originate with a jammed coin in the machine. Examination. Since most repairs require unjamming the machine, do not pull on the large.
This 60 page repair manual is a must for any Mills QT slot machine collector.


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